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Standard Tool Case Pallets


  • For screwdrivers, nut drivers, pliers, adjustables
  • Also ideal for open-end wrenches, hammer, sockets, punch and chisel set
  • 33 pockets

Appliance Repair Pallet

For service techs who repair washers, dryers, and other major appliances. Available for Indestructo®, Indestructo® Supreme, and Magnum. Not Available for any Military-Ready cases. For XLST 17.50 x12.50"cases, request 97-8721D top, 97-8722D bottom. For 18"x13" style cases, request 97-8714D top, 97-8714D bottom. For 18"x15" cases, request 97-8770D top and 97-8771D bottom. List price per pallet is $32.00